My wife and I were very excited about the performance of the Gooseberry Park Players “Wizard of Oz” at Minnesota State University Moorhead Thursday night. This is another great example of the talent and opportunities for our children. The singing was magnificent, especially from Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, with clear strong voices and dancing that added to the drama. The group singing by the munchkins, sounded like the original movie. It is hard to single out just one performance because all the students had important and difficult roles so that the performance flowed like a Broadway show.

The dancing poppies turned from orange to white as the snow fell from above, with creative costume design that changed as they moved beautifully. I was dazzled by the Wizard himself showing himself on a screen that was queued at the appropriate times. I was amazed as the Wicked Witch of the West looked into her crystal ball and I could even see Dorothy and her friends in it from my seat half-way back. The best part was when Dorothy threw water on the Wicked Witch and she melted. It was a surprise to see her totally disappear on stage, with only her robe and hat left on the floor.

We are so fortunate to have so many of these art programs available. It seems that no matter what show I attend in our communities, you never leave disappoint. Congratulations to students and the adults who help put all these program on for us.

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