In an opinion letter published in The Forum Aug. 2, Bill Schulz pleads to keep Democratic Socialists “away from my health care.” Though we don’t learn what plan Schulz has, he readily condemns Democrats who are seeking only power and the takeover of people's lives.

Most of the Democratic presidential candidates presented choices of health care, not takeovers. Like your employer’s plan—keep it; or a government-run program like Medicare—stay in it. Each candidate presented means to pay for health care coverage for all plan. Have you seen any Republican health care plan proposals other than gutting the Affordable Care Act and ditching pre-existing conditions?

So, if we did have a Medicare For All option, (socialism?) and you did not have co-pays or deductibles or kept your current plan, which some of your premiums have to go for insurance companies’ profits and the super-rich CEO’s and their administrators' salaries and bonuses, choose.

Of course, the government is not providing your health care. The hospitals and physicians and staff—all non-government—are caring for you. So, the difference, Bill, is the person who files your claim either works in an insurance company building or a government facility. The insurance company employee sends you a huge bill that includes co-pays and deductibles to meet. The second, a government employee sends you “not a bill” summary of the cost. Both have criteria for acceptable medical care coverage. The people who took well care of you are still there doing their jobs.

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