The McFeely column headline published July 31, “Trump is still a racist and 2020 is still all about race,” has become the battle cry of the Democratic Party and the radical left. McFeely and the media are part of the Democratic Party’s “Resistance.” Their goal is to put President Trump and his supporters once again on the defensive.

Isn’t it ironic that racism is so often used as warfare by the Democratic Party and the media? Who are the real “racists”?

McFeely opined that Trump was racist when he described the city of Baltimore as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess" and that no human being would want to live there." Everyone knows he was referring to the inner city and its dilapidated, neglected living conditions. I don’t see anything racist about Trump’s description of Baltimore. Is saying “no human being would want to live there” racist? Is speaking the truth about the living conditions in Baltimore racist?


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Democrats have waged war against Trump the moment he became president. Calling him a racist is the same tactic they used in their so-called “war on women.” They invented “sexism” to collectivize women into victim groups, much the same way they are now using racism to victimize African Americans. I think most Americans are not buying the current “racist” lie.

McFeely also brings up another “racist” point. He referred to Rep. Elijah Cummings as a “person of color.” This phrase is not grammatical English because it does not define a specific group of people with a common social identity. I believe the left uses “people of color” to facilitate its ant-white racism. It’s an ideological attempt to promote the idea that “people of color” are being oppressed by white people – hence anti-white racism. I believe “people of color” is a racist term created by people who are at war with America’s culture. The fact is everyone in America is a person of color – red, brown, black, yellow…and yes, white. We are all created equal and we are all people of color in God’s eyes.

America’s real racism is abortion. In 2011, the CDC reported that 78% of the abortions in New York City were to black and Hispanic children. And in 2013, more African American babies were aborted (29,007) in New York City than were born (24,758). Eliminating African American and minority children by making abortion free and accessible in poor neighborhoods is real racism.

So, I repeat, who are the real “racists”?