The North Dakota State University Faculty Senate is considering a resolution strongly supporting extension of contract of President Dean Bresciani. It is a part of public relations war game playing with state Board of Higher Education.

Who in a right mind will vote negative in such a resolution as the vote is recorded by clickers and published in the minutes. Nay voters in this resolution will be shown the door by the president as he does like strong faculty members or administrators.

It was obvious when the president asked previous Provost Bruce Rafert to step down. He was a strong academic leader. In spite objections from several deans, the president hired Beth Ingram as provost as she proved to be a "yes man" for the president. So two new positions of vice provosts positions were created to help her.

The question is, how has NDSU performed in last five years under Bresciani's leadership? The national ranking has gone down to 385 in 2015 from 108 in 2010. Tuition fee increased at a higher rate than other state universities.

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He claimed to have success in improving funding formula by the state government, but the excess fund has been utilized in budget cut.

He restricted independence of faculty research by obstructing a $2 million NIH grant, and recent restriction of contacting grant funding agency by researchers.

I think it is high time for change in leadership in NDSU. It is difficult time for NDSU, so it needs an effective leader, not a person who uses media and a public relations war to keep his job.

Lee lives in Fargo.