What is often misunderstood is the oil and gas industry does care about the environment. Many companies in North Dakota are either based out of North Dakota and/or employ North Dakota residents. These people do not want to harm the environment, and this is evident by the long planning process of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This pipeline was not thought of yesterday; it has been a long-time coming. While protesters who live near the DAP may or may not know the planning process behind the DAP, it is clear many of the non-local protestors do not as have no idea where the Bakken actually is, where the thousands of miles of pipeline already are in North Dakota, or the danger western North Dakota already has seen over the past years in regards to hauling crude by rail and trucks. Therefore it is very discouraging to see all of the negativity portrayed by those who do not have the historical facts of not only the DAP, but also the state's oil and gas industry itself.

After seeing the various ways the "peaceful protesters" have vandalized, destroyed, and harmed the equipment and people building DAPL, I have thought the biggest threat DAPL poses when after construction has nothing to do with the pipeline itself. I am concerned about vandalism that will be done to the pipeline after it is constructed, which may lead to spill into the river and sadly, we saw this situation play out this week when environmental radicals put populations in danger when they tried to shut pipeline valves in a coordinated action at multiple locations across North America.

I have seen some of the negative threats posed by protesters via social media. I have read people's lives being threatened as a pro-DAP supporter. With this type of harm, I worry about the safety of everyone supporting and working on this pipeline. I pray for safety for all parties involved, the residents near Cannonball and south Morton County, our law enforcement, and all protestors and supporters of DAPL.

Our society needs this pipeline both locally and nationally and we can safely build and operate it. However, the anarchy induced by protesters and organizations threatens our ability to do so.

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Prule is from Minot, N.D.