Fairy tales are alive and well in North Dakota. With a narrative that could have been penned by Mother Goose, we have The Peaceful Water Protectors.

Sadly, leftist propagandists have leeched onto the story while ignoring the facts that turned this peaceful bedtime story into a scream inducing horror drama. I'm looking at you, Democracy Now. As they all push their propaganda calls for clean water, they use anything but "clean" tactics.

The peaceful protesters clashed again with law enforcement at a bridge on Highway 1806. The protectors, who apparently don't believe in clean air, set car tires on fire along with hay bales to block the police force, though unsuccessfully.

Despite facts, some media outlets spun the narrative once again into the realm of make believe: That the peaceful protesters were simply praying and were then violently attacked. Untrue of course. The police are trained in crowd control and used non-lethal tactics to push protesters from illegally-blocked public roads and back to their camp. The push happened only after law enforcement for two days pleaded with protesters to leave and stop illegally blocking Highway 1806.

What did protesters expect?

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More and more people are speaking publicly about not supporting the protest, including native people. The latest comes from Archie Fool Bear Sr., tribal chairman for Cannonball, who not only asks that "protesters go home" but speaks openly of the Chairman and his lack of "...balls...".

As protesters continue to lose support, liberal media will spin the narrative further in their support which is why people like you and I, people who care about the truth and the welfare of our community, including the tribe and its members, should not believe in this fairy tale nor that the protest is somehow unifying native people across the board.

May the truth win!

Finch lives in Minot, N.D.