On Nov. 30, a Fargo man, Nicholas Pulicicchio, died in a house fire. During Nick's life, he like all of us, had his strongest moments and his weakest moments. We recently read about his weakest moments in The Forum.

I would like to tell you about a side of Nick that few ever witnessed.

When Nick was 15 years old his mother gave birth to a baby girl. His mother, unfortunately, was severely affected by the disease of alcoholism. Because of this, Becca, her infant/toddler daughter was neglected. Time and time again over the course of four years the police were summoned because little Becca had nothing to eat. Other times little Becca was walking outside alone. Over and over the police were summoned to check on Becca.

Imagine the very difficult, yet powerful decision Nick made to call the police, not once but many times, which he did as he had designated himself as Becca's protector. Nick loved his mother. Not once do I ever recall Nick making a derogatory remark about his mother.

Nick was Becca's protector, her big brother. Nick was the guy the who never forgot Becca, even after she was adopted. He would pick her up for many activities as she got older. Nick was Becca's hero. He made his mistakes. Haven't we all?

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Nick was someone important in Becca's life. When you are important in the life of a child, you are indeed SOMEBODY. That is how I intend to remember Nick. I hope all of us remember Nick for his strongest moments, not his weakest.

I know these facts as I am the man who adopted Becca.

Keller lives in Fargo.