Where is the voice of ethical and moral reasoning standing a witness against manifestations of anger and fear?

Good Christians, show proof of our Jesus elated with any of these actions from this administration and its worshippers.

Show proof of our Jesus asking us to hurl the less-than to the wayside. Show proof of our Jesus thrilled with North Dakota officials kowtowing to out-of-state oil corporations at the sake of Native Americans who strive to protect our environment.

Show proof of our Jesus encouraging us to scream racial epithets and hatred against immigrants fleeing war-torn countries for a safer sanctuary. Show proof of our Jesus commending a war against abortion and against homosexuals is far greater than loving your neighbor who is different from you.

Where has America gone? Where has a solid witness of Christ gone?

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Together, whether non-religious or not, it is past time for us to reclaim our America-America the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Together we can fight against fear, hatred, anger, and all that which destroys the compassionate human spirit.

Tengesdal lives in Bismarck.