The Republican leadership has weaponized health care in this country, stripping health care from millions in order to give the wealthy a few tax breaks. From the beginning of this debacle, I have often wondered at the relationship between these two things, and I know what it is: money.

Republican leadership is pitting the haves and the have-nots against one another. As usual, the beat of capitalism is drowning out true democracy. This country was founded on equality and justice for all, but where is the justice in health care costs that skyrocket and drown many of us in staggering debt? Where is America the Great when our health care costs ruin everyone who is not on the receiving end of the tax breaks.

America is not great when it will not even give its people, all of its people, the safety net of affordable health care. I am heartsick and ashamed.

I've been keeping my eye on this "Where's Hoeven campaign" where people are asking the senator to hold a town hall to answer questions about the health care bill he voted for. In ten days he went from not being able to support the bill in its current form to voting for it. Hoeven is not listening to the people, and it is apparent that he does not want to speak to us!

What kind of representative of the people will not speak to us in a town hall? And worse, what kind of a representative of the people could vote "yes" on that bill?

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Ewine lives in Bismarck.