Circa 1860-1861, at the onset of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln said that he and Jefferson Davis both believed in God, but that he hoped his God would win. Thankfully Lincoln's God prevailed. Toward the end of that same Civil War, General Sherman on his 'March to the Sea' commented that one thing he hated more than Confederate traitors were the religious fundamentalists (slaveholders and their surrogates) who precipitated the war. These white supremacists considered slavery a divine right.

Recently in Charlottesville, Va., the 'Southern strategy' veil was lifted again. White supremacy born out of hatred, bigotry and profound ignorance resulted in chaos, violence and death - again!

Fundamentalists like the Huckabee crowd, Robertson's, Falwell's, Bannon's and maybe some of you will offer the usual rationalizations, moral equivalencies and justifications. The fundamentalist right have hijacked the First Amendment to preach their filth of hate and bigotry.

The most dominant flag at this sickening display in Charlottesville was the Confederate flag. The Star Spangled Banner, our beautiful symbol, is flown around the world as a beacon of freedom, hope and decency; something not one of these terrorists would understand, including President Trump. No matter what Trump says he cannot explain away being intellectually and morally destitute.

Please proceed, Special Counsel Bob Mueller. You sir, are a Vietnam combat decorated Marine. You have had your skin in the game, fighting for flag and country. Leave no stone unturned and no one left behind. Justice and decency must prevail!

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Jenson lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn.