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Letter: Omdahl would be wise to take his own advice

A tiger doesn't change its stripes, try as it might. I was swallowing Omdahl's seemingly enlightened advice to the Democrat Party in his about getting over President Trump's election in his Nov. 13 column—until one of his last statements. He claims Republicans "privately acknowledge Trump is the worst president since Warren Harding."

Fast forward to Trump's triumphant Asia trip. He is a president who doesn't snivel abroad hat-in-hand bowing to foreign leaders, but rather informs them that America is first for Americans as they well should be for their own countries. It's the only way we can stay strong enough to help other parts of the world as well as ourselves. He also prioritized a visit with our troops in Korea as did the First Lady in Alaska.

You'd be wise to take your own advice, Mr. Omdahl. Your anger is still showing, like the rest of your ilk you tried to advise.

Orts lives in Oriska, N.D.