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Authorities: Investigation south of Hitterdal tied to missing person case out of Wahpeton

Letter: Thanks for continued support of the Lend A Hand program

In this season of giving, we'd like to extend gratitude to caring community members for supporting and embracing their neighbors during difficult times.

For 10 years, we've joined hands and hearts to rally help for 435 local families facing medical crisis. As Lend A Hand ambassadors, we've seen firsthand how generously you share your support for families as they fight to heal. We've seen you raise your hands to volunteer, make and donate silent auction items, and turn-out in droves at benefits regardless of sub-zero temperatures. We've repeatedly seen how much you care.

Lend A Hand is a charitable program powered by community support and guided by Dakota Medical Foundation. Since 2008, together with thousands of community members, we have raised $13.4 Million to help our neighbors battling major illness and injury.

Last week at Lend A Hand's 10-year milestone event, a packed room wept softly while watching the story of a toddler battling leukemia. His family was among the first to benefit from the Lend A Hand program. A few minutes later when that same boy — now a strong and healthy middle-school athlete — took the stage, the room erupted into a heartfelt standing ovation.

When you give through Lend A Hand, you're giving more than time or money or emotional support. You're giving hope to someone when they need it most.

Thank you for being a giving heart. Thank you for inspiring us to join together - to lend a hand to our neighbors.

Traynor is executive director of the Dakota Medical Foundation and Peinovich is the Lend A Hand program director.