I don't take it personally that the Tom Campbell campaign made the decision to block my comments on their social media pages, it's just politics. Similar to the situation with my immediate family, it is the safest thing to do in this anti-white political climate. I will continue to support Campbell for Senate because like President Trump he is running on a pro-white platform. I've written before how Trump is a proxy and a catalyst for the left's anti-white and anti-Christian bigotry, so the same goes for Tom.

It's important to me that people stand up and say that there are representatives that know 'it's okay to be white' even if they are saying it implicitly rather than explicitly like me.

For example, I'm not surprised at all at any of the left's hatred of the tax reform bill, specifically because it helps the white working-class a lot.

The kind of despair that comes from feeling that one has no representation leads people young and old down dark paths. The opiate epidemic, too, is affecting whites at much higher rates than any other group.

De-platforming pro-white and Christian conservative activism on social media, high taxes and the opiate epidemic are the kind of unique problems that affect our people that I will continue to address.

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Lastly, to Mr. Campbell, with all due respect, Trump said the same thing about himself and shooting someone and still winning and it wasn't a problem for him. Perhaps you need a better media consultant.

I hope the North Dakota GOP continues to support Tom Campbell because supporting anyone else will be a big waste of money. Thank goodness for Kevin Cramer, if he runs again it will be an easy victory as well to keep his House seat.

Tefft lives in Fargo.