I attended the Vikings vs. Eagles NFC title game on Sunday. Everything you have heard about the treatment of Vikings fans is true. The behavior of most Eagles fans was atrocious and often criminal in nature. It is well known that this is how many Eagles fans treat opposing fans, so much so that warnings were issued. The team knows it, the NFL knows it, and the police know it. Yet nothing was done to prevent it, and little to nothing was done after it happened.

Carson Wentz also knows it. Many of you are fans of Wentz. I was until Sunday. I can no longer like a player who does nothing to discourage his fans and team from acting like that. I have heard nothing from him. That's sad considering many of his friends and family are Vikings fans.

If that's the kind of people he is going to play for, he should at least say something and try to stop it. He did not discourage it, condemn it, or even apologize for it. Nothing. Silence. He knows it happens every single game. He was in a position to do something to prevent it, but he did nothing.

You thought he was a classy guy? Think again. Most of you in his position would have the decency and courage to do or say something. Not him. Go ahead and make excuses, but facts are facts.

Smith lives in Fargo.

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