On Jan. 25, the North Dakota State Director for Planned Parenthood, which is curious since Planned Parenthood admits there "currently are no health centers in North Dakota," stated that Gov. Doug Burgum erred when he signed our state's Sanctity of Human Life Month proclamation, insinuating he did not know what he was doing and that he was not representing the people of North Dakota. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I think it's safe to say that Burgum is a very smart man. He was the CEO of Great Plains Software, which was sold to Microsoft for $1.1 billion, a senior vice president at Microsoft, and member of boards for a number of companies and founder of others. To get to these positions, you have to be strategic, thoughtful and read important documents put in front of you before signing them. This proclamation certainly falls within this category.

The Sanctity of Human Life Month proclamation is not deceptive and clearly states what it means. Burgum undoubtedly knew that the proclamation stated, in part, "in keeping with the cherished fundamental principle of the American people, life from the unborn child to the senior citizen is a most valued part of our society." To state that he "signed a deceptive 'Sanctity of Human Life Month' proclamation" and was somehow duped into signing it is frankly insulting to the man leading our great state.

We applaud Burgum for affirming that preborn children are "life," something organizations like Planned Parenthood conveniently try to ignore. Make no mistake, preborn children are being killed in Planned Parenthood and similar clinics around the country. We thank Burgum for acknowledging that preborn children are a valued part of our society.

Jorritsma is president and director of the Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota