Teachers are a critical element of our society, but paying them is painful. Now what is really nice is a parade that might last an hour or so. You can get a nice military parade for for around $150 million.

What could you do with $150 million besides have a big parade for The Donald? A lot of kids could have health care. A lot of veterans could have shelter and aid for their problems. But parades are nice, and if our dear leader wants a parade, why not?

North Korea has great parades. Hitler had some nice parades. Russia has a great military parade, and of course France's parade made our dear leader want one.

As much as The Donald wanted to march in a parade, he could not because he had a bone spur on his foot. Although he wanted to parade and serve our country, he was relegated to exercising on the golf course.

Will Rep. Kevin Cramer continue to stroke the ego of the man who missed his chance to go to Vietnam? How about Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven? Does anyone have the courage to tell our dear leader that if he wants to see a nice parade, Macy's has one and so does the Rose Bowl. Our dear leader is tough, remember how he made Mexico pay for the wall? If we want the world to quit laughing at our dear leader we need to show the world he can annihilate us all if we don't applaud his parade.

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Quinn lives in Hazen, N.D.