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Letter: Matbus improvements are needed in Moorhead

I have some feedback regarding a request for input from Matbus about ADA infrastructure in Moorhead.

The bus stop near the Super 8 on Eighth Street is absolutely inaccessible to anyone during snow accumulation, forcing passengers to stand in the street or in the driveway to safely enter and exit the bus.

There is no sidewalk on the corner of Eighth Street where the crosswalk ends to where a sidewalk begins. It's completely inaccessible to anyone with any mobility needs. You must either carefully climb on packed ice and snow or walk in the street until you can get to the sidewalk. Furthermore, there is no structure, ramp or shelter in place at the stop, and there are huge piles of dog feces on either side of the bus stop sign.

To comply with the ADA, a city that reaches sub-zero temperatures should at the very least provide a shelter and a ramp.

Keep up with the non-smoking regulations. Post fines for those who continue to smoke in them. Clean and maintain the shelters regularly. The garbage and graffiti is becoming more pronounced every year. Perhaps some metered parking downtown could help offset the cost, if needed? Regardless, patrons should feel safe and be able to easily board and disembark safely. My hats off to all the bus drivers who take their time and go out of their way to ensure the best spot for their passengers. They deserve a raise!

I hope to see some great improvements in 2018.

Lumsden lives in Moorhead.