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Letter: Wars are fought over money and power, not social issues

In response to Aaron Forde's anti-Confederate column published Feb. 9: Perhaps it's best to examine the Confederacy through the lens of its arch-enemy, Lincoln. Lincoln was elected due to an extreme imbalance in the electoral college, resulting in a win without representing a single southern state.

Why was this bad news? Because a manufacturing-based economy requires protective tariffs to survive, and an agricultural economy requires free trade (lest it go broke importing goods that it cannot manufacture.) Lincoln's financial agenda was a cause for panic in the rural South.

When asked why he wouldn't let the South leave in peace, Lincoln replied flippantly that he couldn't, because 'who then would pay for the government?' That's why he picked a fight at Fort Sumter to justify his invasion, and fought the entire war without congressional approval.

Lincoln ordered the slaughter of the women and children of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley in order to wipe out the Southern ruling class that opposed his socialist economic agenda. And his agenda was just that--economic.

If Lincoln was so eager to assimilate the slaves into American society, then why did he spend years negotiating with leaders from Africa and South America looking for a place to expatriate them? (For more on this, read 'The Real Lincoln' by Thomas DiLorenzo.)

Wars are fought over money and power. Period. They are never fought over social issues. No man leaves his family and sheds his blood to free someone he doesn't even know; that's absurd.

If the South is to be demonized for its mistake — slavery — then the American Flag should be reviled because of our treatment of the Native Americans, which was just as bad or even worse.

If a people ought to be judged by their virtues rather than their mistakes, then the Confederates deserve honor for defending state sovereignty just as the Americans deserve honor for everything they did right.

Either the Confederate Flag deserves the same respect as any other flag, or the American Flag should be despised along with it. You can't have it both ways.

Moser lives in West Fargo.