In response to the letter, "Democrats are using 'racist' lies to victimize African Americans," published Aug. 7:

Ken Sims is wondering who the real racists are in an opinion piece about Baltimore. We can talk about the myriad of purposeful legislation that has been passed in all of our great cities, including Baltimore, to help white people while oppressing everyone else. We can talk about government policy that created the suburbs and the inner city. We can talk about how the GI Bill was only available to whites. We can talk about how the real estate industry only sold houses to black families in certain neighborhoods. We can talk about how banks refused home loans to black families. We can talk for hours about how our government has legislated for the benefit of white people.

But do you know what is easier? Listen to black people. When a black person says something is racist, it’s racist. White people do not get to decide what is racist. Black people decide what is racist. And if the thought of listening to a black person doesn’t sit well with you, I guess we know who the real racist is.

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