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Letter: If kids want to protest, they should do it in the summer

For all the kids that want to protest something like guns or anything else, do it on your own time—like summer vacation. But I bet we won't hear anything about a summer protest because kids today don't know what sacrifice is. What they do know is various ways to get out of school.

It use to mean suspension from administrators, but I see we have a bunch of spineless ones currently getting paid by taxpayer monies to supposedly educate our kids.

School administrators should listen up. Tax payers are only going to put up with it so long before they demand your removal. You are suppose to provide a learning environment without interruption. Protests don't fall into that category.

Take a lesson from some of the other schools in Minnesota that aren't allowing it, even with parents' permission. After all, Moorhead School administrators, and the surrounding area schools, your test scores aren't that great and it appears the kids need as much time in class that they can get.

And for the kids, many adults are will wait to see if there is any action in the summer, which is doubtful.

Sandt lives in Moorhead.