It didn't change overnight, but something changed in America. The whole psyche of this country has changed in the past few decades. There have always been murders ever since the country began a few hundred years ago, but we have these mass killings far too frequently. The liberal part of America blames this horrific violence on America's gun culture. Many conservatives, and others, feel the root cause is failure to recognize mental illness before it is too late and someone just snaps.

I grew up in north-central Minnesota with guns and hunting. When I was in high school in the late l950s and early l960s, most high school boys had guns in their pickups and cars so they could go hunting when school let out. Our shop teachers and coaches were usually local guys who also enjoyed hunting. And I remember one shop teacher asking one of my friends to bring his new shotgun into the school so we could all see it. He did. And we all safely examined it. Can one imagine how that would go over now? And even in grade school, us farm boys would have jackknives in our pockets when today you can't even bring a fingernail clipper into school. When did everything change? When did the fear and mistrust take over?


Our country is so divided that we see one half of the population pitted against the other half. We call each other names, look down on those who disagree with us, and blame each other for anything bad that happens like the tragic murders in Dayton and El Paso. President Trump called for the country to come together and fight racism after these horrific shootings. The liberal Democrats jumped up in alarm, even having the liberal New York Times change its headline which merely repeated what the president said. They wanted no part of any agreement with Trump, even in this time of national mourning.

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Is this the nation we have become? Total hatred and mistrust of each other. Many Democrats and many in the press accuse Trump of fomenting hatred, but some of what I hear coming out of the mouths of many Democrats sure sounds like outright hatred for the president and anyone who supports him. And there has been violence committed from both the left and right.

I'm an old man, but I sure am saddened by what I see happening to this country. I feel bad for children and grandchildren. Very bad.