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Letter: There has to be a better solution than arming teachers

There should be a lot of thought put into the arming of teachers. That is the idea being put forth by President Trump and the NRA to prevent mass shootings in schools. It is easy for politicians and organizations to act bravado without considering the obligation they are asking the teachers to burden.

My experience came in the 1950s when I was drafted in the U.S. Army. After weeks of intense training on how to handle guns and kill people, I remember writing home to my folks telling them I didn't know if I could kill someone if the situation should arise. Even after receiving some of the best training in the world, I still was unsure how I would respond when put to the test.

How can we expect our teachers to carry that responsibility? Who is going to train these teachers? Teachers have a big enough responsibility teaching our youth, the last thing they need is to be attached to a gun every second of every day.

If the occasion should arise and they are called upon to protect their school, are they going to be able to do what we are asking them to do? It is one thing to talk the talk, but entirely different to walk the walk.

I don't think all the training in the world can prepare a person to pull the trigger and potentially kill another human. If there is any hesitation in the decision-making, the wrong person dies. Why would the president of the NRA even think of putting that responsibility on teachers?

Training teachers and paying them a bonus to carry firearms to prevent mass school shootings is not the answer. Training teachers to carry guns puts more guns into the schools and could very well make some of these teachers' targets if a group wanted a gun.

There must be a better solution. If the president and Congress can't come up with a better solution we have some pretty incompetent people in Washington, D.C., that shouldn't be there.

Monilaws lives in Absaraka, N.D.