I was dismayed to read the rather closed-minded offering published March 17 from Ms. Salonen, who is the mother of five children. While I am not in a position, as a physician, to routinely determine what is right, and what is wrong, I am in a position as a reproductive endocrinologist to know that it is quite dangerous to lump things as important as creating families together.

To paint with a broad brush that it is not OK to use "third party reproduction" is hurtful and inappropriate. Does she disprove of helping single women who have a strong support network in place conceive using donor sperm? Should donor sperm be used in a heterosexual couple who choose this means of having a family? Where do you draw the line? I have been providing care for infertile people in North Dakota and elsewhere for over 25 years, and it is my observation that the children who find themselves in the arms of loving, caring adults really don't care if they have a genetic link to those kind people. These children do not look to themselves as "objects to be purchased," but rather gifts from God. Neither do adopted children.

Further, it is my experience that those women who choose to be "birthing vessels" do so out of love for others, and they do so not for money but for the satisfaction of knowing that she helped deliver a gift that is unconditional and priceless.

The medical literature does not support her contention that these children, when adults, "cry out for justice." I truly think the author of this article sadly reflects the thoughts of a person who is writing about something that she doesn't clearly understand. Five children? My Baptist mom told me to never "speak with a mouthful." Sage advice, Ms. Salonen.

Corfman lives in Fargo.