Spring is finally here. But, with the melting of the snow comes the unappealing view of trash, and lots of it, all over the grass, in the ditches and by the curbs. Today I did what I do every spring: Walk up and down the boulevards in south Fargo with our dogs and pick up trash. I do it multiple times in the spring and each time I come back with a large, black trash bag full of garbage. Thanks to our eastern North Dakota winds, it seems never ending. I have wanted to write an editorial about this issue for years, but this week someone really inspired me to do so. I was driving on west 13th Avenue and saw a Dairy Queen employee walking on their property with a trash bag picking up garbage. It was a great sight to see, so I would encourage every resident and business owner to have someone go out into their property and pick up trash. It would not take very long, and we could have the city of Fargo cleaned up in no time. I recently read in The Forum that Moorhead was looking for volunteers this week to walk and clean the ditches along the highway and I was so impressed. I often wonder what passerbys and visitors driving through our city think about the Fargo-Moorhead area when they see trash all over. I am very proud to be from this area and I don’t want it to be tarnished by trash. Please, help clean it up.

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