The demolition of North Dakota's first abortion clinic, the Fargo Women's Health Organization, is a newsworthy event. How ironic, a place with the benign women's health name was actually an organization that for 20 years harmed women and took the lives of countless unborn children.

Some estimate as many as 20,000 children died there. Twenty thousand lives gone. All in the name of convenience, rights, preference and freedom.

How ironic as well, are the news stories about the demolition, how their focus has been on hostile protests of the past, but are mum about the reality of the death of thousands, the profit made off of it, and the endless grief with which so many of those women now live.

I actually agree with Tammi Kromenaker, director of North Dakota's only current abortion facility, in that the demolition doesn't make me sad but reflective. As for me, I reflect on the 20,000 children whose lives were snuffed out because mothers were misled to believe such a place offered women "health" services when in reality they left the premises without their baby.

All of the Concerned Women for America of North Dakota supporters and I will continue to defend the lives of North Dakota children. On that note, tear the wretched place down.

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Thorson is the state director of North Dakota’s chapter of Concerned Women for America.