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Letter: There's no need to 'click to read more' when it comes to Port

Last week a regular columnist wrote a piece about the feedback he and others at Forum Communications are receiving about a columnist's obsession with an elected official.

In the true right-wing fashion of the day, that columnist (Rob Port) is now writing a daily barrage of how unfairly he's being treated, in the "I know you are, but what am I" stance that's so popular from the top of his party; completely oblivious to the feedback given.

Today we were bored with examples of media venues and personalities his obsession declines to engage with, despite of the fact she "says" she is willing to work with everyone. I say 'bored' because everyone's read this list at least a dozen times in his column. We get it. You have columnists that write about topics like religion, gardening, even one who talks about fishing an awful lot. This columnist is boorish and tiresome. He regurgitates a variation of the same column three or four times a week in some lame effort to convince readers he is right and everyone else is wrong.

I shall continue to never, under any circumstance "click here to read more."

It's apparent he will never be able to leave readers wanting more by not revealing his entire message within the first paragraph.

Erickson lives in Fargo.