Before the big push for STEM education, Don Carey "The Bug Man" began his decades-long outreach program inspiring youth of all ages to open their eyes and investigate the world around them.

Carey is an entomologist at North Dakota State University and has been doing a variety of science programs for youth at libraries, county fairs, kids' festivals and in classrooms, but his most popular show is the "Bug Man." In this show, Carey uses a collection of many-legged friends and a nearly-bottomless supply of jokes to crush myths and show how these creatures actually have many things in common with us.

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I remember Carey visiting my classroom with this program when I was a child and the impact it had on me. Now I am bringing my kids to hear him and I'm still laughing at many of the same jokes. I marvel at how he can keep a room full of a hundred children sitting in rapt fascination.

Carey is an extraordinary asset to our community and surrounding area. Next time you see him, be sure to thank him on behalf of the thousands of young minds he's influenced.

Kahly lives in Moorhead.