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Letter: Local child care center is being punished unfairly

I am writing to support Michelle Roeszler and her business, Curious Kids Childcare. My son, Amos, attends this day care and loves every minute of it. He loves the staff, so much so that he runs to them to give them a hug when I drop him off in the morning. He loves his friends and he loves that he gets to learn by experiencing the world in a safe environment.

My child care is in trouble due to an incident that my son was directly involved in. So, I feel it is important that you know my opinion.

On Friday, April 27th, my son and two of his companions opened and walked out of the gate of the fenced in outdoor play area. A parent had not locked it shut after picking up their child.

Unfortunately, the staff did not know the gate hadn't been secured and the three toddlers escaped. They were returned to the childcare shortly by a kind passerby.

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Immediately, the staff informed Michelle, who was at an early childhood education conference in South Dakota, and Michelle immediately called me and told me what had happened. When she returned to Fargo, she held an emergency staff meeting where they discussed what changes need to be made to ensure that this never happens again. Then, after the meeting, Michelle came to my house to discuss the whole incident and their new plan in person.

I fully trust Michelle and her team. While this incident was scary, we need to remember that we are fortunate that no one was injured. Michelle cares for all the children in her care as if they are her own. I can see her love as she holds and talks with them.

I feel that the state government is unfairly punishing Curious Kids Childcare. Other daycare facilities in Fargo have had similar, and more dangerous, incidents, yet they are still in business. I find this to be unacceptable. The precedent for this type of incident was set with those businesses as a warning, but my child care is getting the most extreme punishment. The state is failing to provide Michelle and her attorney with access to the documents they have requested and appears to be purposely moving slowly in order to force the expiration of her current license.

I am petitioning to renew Michelle's license and allow her the same rights that other centers received. Michelle should at least be allowed to remain open with a renewed license until the due process owed to her is performed.

It is important that someone reads my opinion, takes action, and it moves it up the line. My child was involved in this and I want him to stay at Curious Kids Childcare. That shows that their program is special and worth fighting for.

Joraanstad lives in Fargo.