In order for a public school to offer free meals to all students, 40 percent of the students must belong to a low-income family that requires food stamps. ("Fargo's Madison Elementary to offer free meals to all students" published Aug. 6)

In Fargo, there are three schools that qualify for free meals, meaning that half of the students belonging to those schools live in low-income families. I don't think any of these parents are OK with the fact that they can barely afford to support their families and depend on government assistance programs like SNAP to survive. They all work hard to make sure their child is receiving every opportunity that they can. What are these families going to do if the federal government decides to make it harder to qualify for SNAP benefits and easier to lose those benefits by having too high of an income?

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It is wonderful that the schools are doing something to care for their low-income students, but I think that we all need to make sure that Congress thinks about those families too and passes a bipartisan version of the farm bill so families like these don't lose their much needed benefits.

Hartmann lives in Fargo.