How many of you are as upset as I am over the resignation of a quality deputy sheriff? The Forum reported Aug. 9th that Matt Thom, a Stutsman County deputy and dog handler, had resigned for doing his job.

During two of his arrests, nearly 700 pounds of marijuana were seized. Both cases were tossed out because of, the yet to be determined, illegal arrests of the drug dealers. Now, you and I try to get out of a parking ticket or a speeding ticket, I guarantee you we would pay the price.  

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I understand totally why the good deputy resigned. Law enforcement officers feel they don't have the backing of the people who are supposed to help them. He had the sixth sense to determine these people were not clean, and he was right. I have never met Deputy Thom, but, he is a dedicated law enforcement officer and I hope he ends up with a quality law enforcement job. He sure did not have a job he could be proud of in Stutsman County.  

Good luck, Deputy Thom.

Anderson lives in Fargo.