As the old saying goes, if the only tool one has is a hammer, then all problems appear to be nails. And so it apparently goes with Ross Nelson, whose illiberalism has him seeing political correctness as an epidemic to be feared.

In his latest myopic diatribe published Sept. 22, Nelson bemoans the loss of freedom the Linton football team and supporters will no doubt experience if they can't carry on "tradition"-that is, burning an opposing football team player in effigy.

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Nelson ignores the fact that sacrificing an effigy is an ancient custom linked to the Celts. In other words, it began as a pagan ritual.

Whether the recent incident involving the Linton football team and supporters involved racism is really not the point. The point is this: Burning an effigy is not a tradition anyone is entitled to mimic. Rather, it's the continuation of a myth that's out of place in modern society.

Nelson evidently believes moving beyond superstition is political correctness. I'd call it progress.

Hulse lives in Fargo.