In response to the letter, "Keep Democratic Socialists away from my health care," published Aug. 2:

What I wonder is what is the name of the insurance company which provides Mr. Shulz of Fergus Falls with what he claims is the best medical care on earth? Is it available and affordable to the millions of our citizens who have no coverage today?

The first question they ask when you call for an appointment is "What is your insurance?" Some form of Medicare for All or single-payer health care plan is in place for most of our industrialized nations today because it works for everyone. Call it a socialist program or whatever you wish, but name-calling is not—I repeat not—what counts when it is health care you need.

Remember the old words from our youth: "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

Our "for profit" health care system is broken as it requires many, many to go without any care because of the huge (4-1,00%) increases in cost. We need a new health care system now, so let us take what works from the Democratic Socialists or any other successful plan and move on.