At a recent town hall meeting in Mapleton, Congressman Kelly Armstrong essentially told the crowd that there is no new legislation that can be passed which would prevent mass shootings and not run afoul of the Second Amendment. He is dead wrong, if you’ll pardon the expression.

The gunman in Dayton, Ohio, had an AR-style pistol that had been modified to function as a short-barreled AR-style rifle. He had a “drum” magazine that can carry up to 100 rounds of ammunition, and enough magazines to hold up to 250 rounds. Because of this rapid-fire, military-style weapon, he was able to kill 9 people and injure 27 others in less than 30 seconds without pausing to reload. Seconds matter when a gunman is hunting down people in a bar, a school, a church or an office.

Congressman Armstrong, why won’t you support a ban on high capacity magazines, which certainly aren’t needed by hunters? Are you afraid it would spoil your 100% rating by the NRA?

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