Last weekend started out like any other weekend. People around the country went about their business. Trump golfed. Saturday morning we had another mass shooting. The nation hurt. Trump golfed. The suspect used Trump’s words as his reason for killing so many. Trump did make a public statement.

Sunday the nation woke up to yet another mass shooting. The nation hurts. Trump golfed. No statement from Trump.

Wednesday Trump made a trip to Dayton and El Paso. None of those hospitalized would meet with or they were not well enough. Trump had a baby who had lost both of his parents in the mass shooting brought back for a photo op. He smiled and did a thumb’s up gesture. He also talked about his crowd size while in El Peso.

As the nation hurt, An ICE raid rubbed salt into the wound. No plans were made to make sure the children were safe. This put the children at risk. Strangers cared for them.

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Another weekend. The nation hurts. Trump golfs.

Do you really believe Trump cares about you.