It is a truthful and terrible fact; we live in a dangerous country. We are not safe in our schools, places of employment, shopping malls, churches, or any large public gathering. Our government fails to protect us because the right to bear arms is more important than human life.

Assault rifles belong on the battle field not on our streets. Their primary purpose is to efficiently kill the enemy in war. Their carriage has been inflicted on the American people far too often.

Politicians may compromise on some watered-down version on background checks. Yes, that may help some, but mass shootings will continue without a ban on assault weapons. Human beings are much too complicated to be that easily identified by a background check.

Like it or not, at some point we are all vulnerable to irrational thinking because we are human. Unfortunately, with the easy access to guns, particularly assault weapons, the consequences can be tragic. Without a ban on these types of weapons it’s certain that mass shootings will continue. Regrettably, you are fully justified to fear for your safety in public places. This is factual, not political spin.

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