If it was between keeping someone’s precious guns for:

  • Hunting - The only sport where only one team knows they are playing.
  • Self-defense - For all of those armed break-ins that happen in the area, pepper spray or a taser can do wonders
  • Militia - I think if we get to the point where our government does something where we find our only recourse is to shoot them with our guns, I’m thinking we are too far gone.

The alternative being no more random gun violence, I guess I’d choose the option where no one dies for no reason.

It may be in the U.S. Constitution and you “have rights,” but wouldn’t it be nice to know when our kids go to school or we go shopping or want to enjoy a concert or a festival or go to a movie or go to work or place of worship or the reality — the next random place any of us can be at any given time — to never have to worry about this again?

Is having guns really worth adding a random variable where a bunch of people who do nothing wrong can lose their lives?