Fargo, my birthplace and hometown, is introduced on signs as “the city of parks.” There are many large, wooded ones along the Red River, inviting the stroller and the bird-watcher (though both birder and finch have to dodge the occasional Frisbee). None of any size is to be found inland.

But a map of the “metro” shows a rather large green area called Rendezvous Park in extreme south West Fargo. I went there the other day.

It is of the windswept variety: few trees. The landscaping was well done, with hummocks, curving paths, and a lake. I circumambulated the latter and saw mallards, a crow, a willet, and one red-winged blackbird that got unseasonably irate at the sight of me.

West Fargo may not be the city of parks, but Rendezvous is worth a visit.

Fargo’s best park for my purposes is Lemke (or adjoining Lemke). But even by the end of July it had not received summer maintenance.

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The county has only one park, also windswept. It’s a favorite of mine; however, I am not going to tell you where it is. Experience the unmixed pleasure of discovering it for yourself! Cass County should look into establishing another park on the string of lakes south of Alice.