Whenever something bad happens, the cry goes out for the government to do something. But what if doing something is at best ineffective or at worst has consequences that are worse than the original problem?

The attack on America on Sept. 11, 2001, was horrendous, and almost everyone wanted to do something. Most of our politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, supported President Bush's call for war in Iraq. The consequences were terrible. Thousands of American soldiers dead, many more wounded, who knows how many Iraqis dead and wounded, with the destabilization of the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and, the subsequent slaughter of thousands more. But, “we did something”.

Some say that long guns of any sort should be banned because a few armed civilians could never stop a government army anyway. So, forget the Second Amendment and be happy in the knowledge that you probably won't be shot at a Walmart by a maniac with a rifle.


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Keep in mind, though, that a well-armed citizenry, jealous of its freedom and liberty, is bound to give any potential tyrant reason to think long and hard about the idea of imposing a blatant dictatorship.

When deranged and evil people murder other human beings for no logical reason, the cry goes up to “do something,” but do what? Do we disarm honest and innocent people who aren't guilty of these or any other crimes?

If you believe in natural law, the first and foremost right of any human being is the right to self defense. The right to self defense can't be a privilege bestowed by you, by me or any government, it's a God-given right.

Jesus Christ said turn the other cheek. He didn't say that good people should be pacifist patsies for murderers and rapists.

Red Flag laws might be good in egregious circumstances and where the justice system works well and logically. But how often does the justice system work well and logically?

Without guns, the law of the jungle takes over to an even greater extent than at present. Look at Great Britain. No guns only means that if someone is bigger, stronger, is amoral, has a bigger bat, a broken beer bottle, a sharp knife, a bottle of acid, and wants to harm or murder someone, he will.

If someone is a cold blooded murderer, he will probably be successful in committing large scale murders. However, gun free zones are an open invitation to the sorts of murdering scum who perpetrate these horrendous crimes.

Without the total elimination of all firearms, there will be gun violence. Sadly, that's the human condition in the social and moral climate of today. One partial solution to the gun violence problem might be the U.S. government instituting a national concealed carry law which would be good in all jurisdictions. Limitations on the right to carry under this law should be few and clearly spelled out. Training and proficiency requirements for such concealed carry privileges should be high.