A recent letter to the editor of the Forum, “A message for those who identify as LGBTQ” by Ken Koehler, claims that gay love is against God’s design.

If this is the case, why was King David’s first marriage to a man – Jonathan, the son of Saul?

Read for yourself:

1 Samuel (or of Kings, if your Bible is Catholic) 18: 1, 3-4; and 20: 17, 23, 41-42. (In verse 20:41, they even kiss!)

In 2 Samuel (or second of Kings), after Jonathan is killed in battle, David weeps for him and declares (verse 1:26), “Your love to me was extraordinary, surpassing the love of women!”

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How else would you describe this love, that of David and Jonathan, if not that their flesh and soul had “cleaved together” and become one flesh and one soul – to use the phrasiage of Jesus, which Koehler cites?


I would also be interested to hear what Koehler has to say about the relationship between Jesus himself and the apostle John – “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” who laid his head on Jesus’ “bosom” at the last supper, and to whom Jesus gave over the care of his mother in her old age with his dying breaths.

Koehler mentions the Youth Pride All-Ages Drag Show, which took place on Aug. 8. He says that the show existed for the purpose of “intentionally introducing and pridefully promoting sexual and gender confusion to children and youth.”

Mr. Koehler, the Youth Pride drag show existed for the purpose of promoting gender affirmation, acceptance and certainty in queer youth. It existed for the purpose of giving queer youth a safe space to be themselves – away from the judgmental and hateful strictures of men like you, who know only how to oppress your children and forbid them from expressing themselves as they are.

It should be mentioned that the All-Ages Drag Show was picketed by about a dozen Nazis – yes, Nazis, right here in Fargo – including Pete Tefft and a number of other of Koehler’s buddies, whom I recognized as regular protesters from outside the Women’s Clinic downtown.

Some “Christian love” you folks have.