Last Friday, Fargo was unfortunately presented with the antiquated views of Ken Koehler, a socially-regressive zealot. Koehler believes, like generations of bigots before him, that who he worships for an hour every Sunday gives him the authority, nay the obligation, to perpetuate anti-gay discrimination in the name of moral purity.

Interestingly, the specific Biblical verse he draws upon, Mark 19:4-8, continues with "Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended." So Ken, in the name of theological consistency, are you asking your brethren in Christ to decry divorce as a reflection of our "fallen sinful nature"? (Your words, not mine).


Let's take this even further. Another instance of the Bible's decrial of homosexuality can be found in Leviticus Chapter 20, which anti-gay right-wingers have quoted frequently for political gain. Yet where is their piousness when, just a chapter earlier, Leviticus tells us "not eat any meat with the blood still in it." My goodness, where is the religious right on the issue of rare steaks? Anti-gay politicians aren’t pious, they’re discriminators frantically searching for some justification, however contradictory, to validate their hate.

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Koehler asks us at the beginning of his letter "Is there a way to respectfully and lovingly try to reach out to those who identify as LGBTQ with the message that these lifestyle choices are contrary to God’s creative design - without being thought of as a hateful homophobe?" The answer is quite simple: No.