It seems responses to the letter from Ken Koehler published Aug. 18 stirred up quite a bit of strong emotion, myself included. I did my best to respond not to Koehler, but to the GLBTQ individuals he was attempting to spiritually shame for trying to find their path going forward in accepting their true selves. ("I believe God wants us all to experience love and acceptance," published Aug. 19)

I learned much too late in life that unsolicited advice will most likely be received as unwelcome advice.

Taking to the local paper and attempting to shame young men and women struggling with their identities using a spiritual, emotional and sexual perspective could not possibly have a positive outcome. And attempting to wrap the message of being somehow less than what the Divine would have intended in a cloak of "love" is laughable.

Mr. Koehler, might I suggest you live your life as a beacon of hope to others, and trust in a higher power will cause those in distress to seek you out? And that you trust in a higher power that is quite capable of tending to the needs the GLBTQ community just fine without your uninvited and unwelcome "love."

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