Recently my daughter and I joined a call with the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led movement to stop climate change. We were inspired by these articulate young people who understand science and realize that climate change is a threat to everyone. They are organizing a worldwide climate strike on September 20th and urged everyone to get involved. My daughter asked how we could help as no climate strike was planned for Fargo. My determined seven-year-old wouldn’t let it go. She pointed out that the teens in the Sunrise Movement said that anyone could start a climate strike in their community. Shouldn’t we do that?

Climate change is not a new threat. Scientists have warned about the dangers for decades. Communities all around America are already being devastated by climate change related wildfires, hurricanes and flooding. The climate emergency puts our health at risk from pollution, more intense allergy seasons, dangerous heat waves and spread of insect-borne diseases. The cost of not acting on climate change far exceeds the cost of transitioning to a green economy.


We made a commitment that we must convince our leaders to have the courage to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and other polluters. Worldwide, over 2,500 strikes are being organized in over 100 countries. We met with a group of organizers and are proud that Fargo will join in the action. Friday, Sept. 20, at 11 a.m, join us at Fargo City Hall and demand that our political leaders address the climate crisis.