I am saddened for our Fargo-Moorhead community. In addition to longtime workers being out of a job and the loss of shopping diversity, our area lost a good neighbor with the decision to close Kmart.

Three years ago we at Open Doors 65 were looking for a retail store to partner with us in a voucher program to help those in dire need. Kmart stepped up.

When we had refugees coming through our doors wearing the same tattered shoes they escaped to America in, Kmart was there to help us assist them with shoes.

When 350 people coming out of incarceration and rehab came to us for work clothes and shoes, KMART was there to assist us and them in getting a new start in life.

I discovered we were just one of about a dozen organizations Kmart partnered with to make life doable for those in need. Their closing leaves us bereft and our community with a large hole in its heart.