Let's face it, no matter how many gun laws are passed, it's never going to deter criminals and people with mental problems. Even if the government confiscated all guns (which will never happen, short of a civil war), bad people will find a way to harm someone. Look at the murder by swords and knives in China. Or the stabbing deaths in London.

But let's get back to guns. Liberal politicians and the far left, which makes up most of Hollywood, are all clamoring for strict gun control laws. Some years ago, a Democratic senator from California came right out and said she won't be happy until all guns are banned. Yet these same movie stars and politicians have armed guards to protect them. The have security fences around their huge mansions, with armed guards. The average law-abiding American citizen cannot afford this sort of security. So why shouldn't they have guns to protect themselves?

The city of San Francisco went so far as to declare the NRA as a domestic terrorist group. Are you getting me? In all the horrific mass shootings not one NRA member was ever involved. These same cities ignore the everyday mass murders in their own cities where most of the victims are young black men. On Labor Day weekend alone, there were almost 40 shootings with about nine dead. Same for other inner cities in places like Baltimore and Detroit. These cities can't even handle the garbage and the huge homeless mess, let alone gun violence. In fact, they do not want to hear about this murder rampage, as most of the mayors are Democrats and people of color. Anyone who brings up this subject is considered racist, and they say this conversation distracts us from passing harsher gun laws. Baloney! They also say that conservatives keep blaming mental illness on most mass shootings. Well, it certain is a mental health issue. What sane person would kill innocent people?


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Remember one thing, no matter how many laws we pass, bad people and mentally ill people will find a way to harm others. We have millions of guns in this country. But about 99.999% of those guns belong to decent law-abiding people. But the left doesn't see it that way. So solutions to gun violence are pretty dim. Sad, but true.