As a parent of two Fargo North High School students, I would like to thank Principal Dahlen, Officer Able, the Fargo Police Department, and all of the Fargo North teachers and staff for handling the two recent gun threats in such a professional way.

Although it is always concerning to receive a call from your children’s principal about gun threats at school, the transparency of the incidents and the manner in they were investigated helped assure me, as a parent, that the adults who work daily with my children have their safety in mind. My children’s teachers have a relationship with their principal where they feel safe to voice their concerns. The principal has a relationship with the school resource officer and can access the police department for reinforcement when necessary. There is open communication about these events with parents. I appreciate this system because with that knowledge I can have my own conversations with my children about their safety.


It must be a difficult job, keeping parents informed about these incidents. As parents, it’s hard not to feel anxious in this current climate. We live in a country where mass shootings have become common place. When threats like this happen, rumors spread quickly. Local media hype doesn’t help. That’s why transparency is so important.

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School communication is essential in warding off anxiety and ensuring safety. It helps solidify parents’ and student’s trust in their teachers, principals, and resource officers. Ultimately, it’s that relationship that helps my kids feel safe at school.