Dear Carmen,

Go girl! Get it out! Purge that anger!

I'm referring to the letter from Carmen Riviera published Sept. 17. It seems Riviera has some questions for Bison fanatics.

While your ruthless and hilarious attack on Bison fans was probably less rational than beating a tree with a baseball bat, it was a lot more enjoyable, at least for me anyway. Knowing that Bison fans are the lowest form of animal life had me almost choking on my coffee! "Kissless marriage"? (Tony Bender, are you paying attention? This is humor!)

I hope you felt as good writing it as I did reading it. One last thing. Carmen, you indicated you went to college. Was it by chance the University of North Dakota? Delaware? Or was it maybe a much more sinister place? James Madison?? Ahaa!

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Quick tip here for Jack Zaleski. Jack, if you are reading this, it's the best time of year to buy a good bike at great prices. Almost every place is running sales. Yes, I admit it. Not only am I a Bison fan, I'm a cyclist too! The worst of both worlds! Ugh!