Although there are at least six different historical accounts on the burning of Rome on July 19, 64, most put blame on Emperor Nero in variations from intentionally having the fire set to only singing (no violin) about it. The main moral of the story that grew up with was the dishonor of Nero’s indifference to tragedy and destruction of the city he was responsible for.

There are currently 250 Republicans in the United States Congress, 53 in the Senate and 197 in the House. At this time, only one Republican House Representative from Michigan has gone on the record against the unlawful acts Donald Trump.


Other than vocal support of Trump by a few ardent supporters, there has been only silence from the Republicans. One can hear a pin drop over the cricket chirps.

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Unlike Rome in 64, there is no actual fire at this time, unless you consider manmade climate change, but our Constitution is being heated like tinder by the anarchy of the Trump administration and full ignition will soon result and the nation will be recognizable. There are 249 Neros, three whom represent North Dakota, in Washington, D.C.