In response to "The separation of church and state has never been more important" published Oct. 28:

While I also firmly believe in a clear separation between church and state, I also believe strongly in being actively engaged in politics to live out my moral values that I first learned as a child in Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral in Fargo.

Today, 151 million children under age 5 worldwide are chronically malnourished. It is immoral that we allow such neglect of children to continue. Many faiths practiced by Americans do not condone this – including Christianity. Faithful people should reach out to Congress and urge our elected officials to act now. Congress has resolutions in the House and Senate that outline the challenge of global malnutrition, acknowledge the good work the United States is already doing, and also call on USAID, our international aid agency, to do more.

Thank you to Sens. Kevin Cramer, Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith for signing onto Senate Resolution 260 to stand up for global maternal/child nutrition. I encourage readers to reach out to Sen. John Hoeven to co-sign as well.

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