The "proud" Republican today is far away and dissipated from the conservative person of just a few years ago. Remember when lower taxes and keeping the federal budget balanced were priorities?

In her letter to the editor published Oct. 31, Marlene Kouba shows how ill-informed some people can be who support the president and exclusively retrieve their biased beliefs from Fox—not the news side, but the opinion side. She claims the House is holding up key legislation such as trade and infrastructure. Trump’s America First trade policies were imposed exclusively by Trump as tariffs on China. Many bills passed by the House are ready to go, including immigration reform, but end up in the “Senate graveyard.” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., proudly refers to himself as the “Grim Reaper.”

Republicans support life, freedom to own firearms, slow immigration and armed forces, Kouba righteously writes, then mindlessly disparages climate change. Democrats also support life, add choice as prescribed by law, carry firearms hoping for reasonable legislation of registration, our courageous men and women in uniform, support border control, and the Dreamers, not caged children who many still haven’t been reunited with their parents. Climate change is real, said 97% of actively published scientists. The economy has grown as it has been since 2010, after former President Obama brought the nation out of a huge financial calamity when the housing market blew apart in 2007.

Democrats are not anti-police, rather Dems want to have community gatherings for better understanding. Try to suppress our (Republican) view? How? Saying colleges graduate liberals with useless degrees is an insult to a student’s ability to discern where they stand socially, politically and ethically. News is more opinion than facts? Wrong again, what study shows this to be accurate?


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“Trump is blamed for a phone call” is the most short-sighted comment in her letter. Like Nixon, the cover-up will come to light when the country hears the testimony of credible witnesses the White House is trying so hard to suppress. Is Kouba OK if the accusation bears out that a U.S. president had a foreign power get involved in our election for his political gain? Another false claim is House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., holding illegal closed meetings, when in fact Republicans were there and questioned witnesses.

Now, the House-passed rules resolution will allow us all to hear the ABCs of what the president is alleged to have committed against the Constitution. Republicans solidly voted against Americans hearing it for themselves. If nothing there, why suppress it? Watch, listen, learn and opine for yourself when the hearings start, not just tune in to Fox or talk radio for what they will tell you.