I find it ironic that the vote on the impeachment resolution was held on Halloween. Trick or treat!

The Democrats are trying to trick the American people into believing President Trump has committed an impeachable offense. They treated themselves to the removal of a roadblock to their agenda. They hate Trump because he isn't going along with their transformation of American into a godless nation where Christian beliefs and morality are silenced.

Impeachment should not be used as a political tool. The American people must learn the whole truth. The misdeeds of one party should not be kept hidden while they expose those of the other. These impeachment resolution roles give the Democrats control of the information the public hears rather than reveal the whole truth. If they were really interested in transparency and gathering all the facts, they would not require all Republican's witnesses and questions be cleared beforehand by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. This unfair stipulation gives them the ability to bar any questioning that goes against their orchestrated narrative or exposes wrongdoing by their own party.


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Many scoff at those who believe God chose Trump. But God doesn't consider our past and shortcomings, he looks for a willing heart. The evidence God is with him is compelling in Trump's strength to withstand the constant onslaught of people twisting his words, the name-calling, and utter disrespect. In the midst of it all, he perseveres in doing what's best for the American people and exposing corruption.